Twitch Sponsorship

Twitch Sponsorship

Twitch is the land of the gods, where game streaming has reached the next level. Most of the popular gaming streamers use Twitch to interact with their subscription base. With Twitch sponsorship, those same gamers end up making more money than they can handle. Clout Boost can facilitate your path to finding a sponsor on Twitch.

How much do sponsors pay Twitch streamers?

Depending on your popularity, audience, and the game you’re playing, you can earn between one cent and $1 for one view per hour. For the latter case, imagine you live-stream a video where you get 1000 views. With $1 for each view, you’ll get $1000/hour for all your 1000 views.

If you have an extensive user base and ever-increasing popularity, the odds are sponsors will compete to hire you to promote their games. By agreeing to this, you will not only increase your user base by playing new, upcoming games; your income will also skyrocket. Become famous, set the latest gaming trends, and make money while you’re at it. What can be better than that?

Successful marketing campaign

If you’re a gaming company that’s setting its sights on popularity and profits, then Twitch sponsorship might be the solution you’re looking for. Hire us, and we’ll use our proprietary analytic algorithms to narrow down the Twitch streamer databases. We’ll find those streamers that cater most to your product’s potential on the market, and negotiate a deal with them.

We will provide you with the edge you need to leave your competition in the dust. We emphasize top performance and informational accuracy in building the perfect marketing campaign for you. Finding the ideal Twitch gamer takes us through a couple of processes:

  • Analyzing gamer’s content to assess its relevance related to your product
  • Analyzing gamer’s overall popularity and performance
  • Assessing the channel’s and audience’s sustainability and flexibility

Excellent influencer campaign

Starting an influencer campaign revolving around a particular brand is challenging. Managing such a process is even more so, but we take over this initiative for you. We will find the right streamer, negotiate a deal, and build a steady relationship with significant future potential. You don’t need to do anything other than giving us the green light.

The partnerships we will build around the streamer, and your company brand will become your pillar of success in the future. With the right incentives and rewards, a good Twitch streamer can become the difference between global popularity and mediocrity for a company brand.

How can I increase my ROI through influencer marketing?

The idea behind Twitch sponsorship is more complex than the simple promotion of a product. While that plays a large part in our services, we also provide our clients with accurate data about the competition as well. If you want to know how to beat the competition quickly and efficiently, we will devise the perfect battle plan.

By analyzing your marketing potential and using our analytic algorithms to create an influencer campaign, we can increase your ROI substantially. Your return on investment will become optimal through Clout Boost.