DIY marketing

DIY marketing

Since marketing is the heart of any business, many Seattle entrepreneurs, especially startups, always opt for DIY marketing. This is primarily opted for to save cost on outsourcing their marketing project. However, DIY marketing tends to fail most times.

Here are five reasons why DIY marketing in Seattle always fails.

  • Lack of Time and Money to Do the Important Stuff in Your Business

Many small startup entrepreneurs believe that DIY marketing is cost-effective. However, the reverse is the case. It takes ample time to come up with content for emails and social media for a start. Then it takes much more time to send the information you have created to potential and existing clients. Most times, these contents end up with serviced or past clients.

Marketing is a skill people spend years to learn in the university. Marketing is a job you should not be fully concerned with if you do not study and have a passion for it. If you'd love to save time and money, you should outsource your business marketing needs to an expert digital marketing agency in Seattle. This will make you concentrate much more on the things that matter to maximize enough profit.

  • Inadequate Experience and Expertise

Diligence trails competence, and competence births excellence. You can burn the midnight candle to study marketing on your own and still get frustrated if you don't do it like an expert. If you truly want to get the required results, marketing goes beyond memorizing some email and social media marketing principles. Some people are made for it, and you should outsource your marketing needs to them as it's their area of expertise.

  • Inconsistency

It is impossible to focus on every area of your business equally. This has a way of affecting your company's marketing goals negatively. You are sure of not having enough time to be consistent in DIY marketing, as that is not your sole responsibility as a business owner. Since DIY is something you do once in a while, it will not be as effective as outsourcing it to an expert.

  • Lack of Quality Content

When you perform an activity you are not well qualified for, it reflects in the results. It's sometimes difficult for experts to develop winning content, especially the type that will keep audiences engaged. How much more a DIY marketer? It is possible to have a great idea at first, but effective execution is critical. Most successful businesses run on quality ideas generated from great content, narrowed down to clients' needs.

  • Not Understanding Social Media Marketing Terrain enough

Social media marketing looks easy until you attempt it and realize there is more to it. It is not just enough to share exciting content; you must ensure to engage your audience effectively. This is one area where DIY fails because there is usually little understanding of engaging the audience. Engaging audiences on social media after reeling out great content requires excellent strategy, which is a preserve of the digital marketing experts.

Instead of trial and error DIY marketing, why not outsource your marketing needs to one of the top digital marketing companies in Seattle?


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